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But the big newsmaker was Computer Command Control (CCC). Also adopted for other 1981 GM engines, CCC used electronics to integrate the emissions and fuel systems in order to reduce smog and fuel consumption. Toward the same ends, it tied in withSep 06, 2017 Hello, I am interested in installing the Atomic EFI system on my 1981 Corvette, which has a computer command control unit that controls ignition timing. With the stock HEI distributor, is it possible to install the base Atomic EFI kit and leave the ignition timing to the CCC? Will the Atomic system work with ignition timing off with this setup? 1981 computer command control

Jul 17, 2007 1981 Chevrolet Camaro The 1981 Chevrolet Camaro was the last year of the curvy body style. Learn about the 1981 Chevrolet Camaro, including pictures, prices, and weight. however, some mechanical alterations. GM's Computer Command Control (CCC) emission system debuted, and automatic transmissions got a lockup torque converter to eliminate

This is also ironic because the 1981 Corvette was the last thirdgeneration model to be offered with a manual transmission. The 1982 Corvette would only be offered with an automatic. However, the most substantial improvement to the 1981 Corvette over earlier models was the introduction of Computer Command Control (CCC). The computer command control which was used on the California Corvettes in 1980 was now standard on all Corvettes. The stainless steel exhaust mainfold from the California Vettes was also standard, it weighed 14 pounds less than the cast iron manifold and flowed better as well.1981 computer command control Standard on the 1981 El Camino was a 3. 8liter V6 engine with 110 horsepower. Optional engines included a 4. 4liter V8 with 115 horsepower and a 5. 0liter V8 with 150 horsepower. El Caminos sold in California did not have the option of the 4. 4liter V8 engine. The engines all included GM's new Computer Command Control (CCC) emission system.

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Coalition Command, Control, Communications, Computer, and Intelligence Systems I See more like this. GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION COMPUTER COMMAND CONTROL SYSTEMS BOOK. PreOwned. 7. 00. 1981 Buick Computer Command Control Diagnosis Charts Manual. 12. 00. Was: Previous Price 15. 00. or Best Offer. Free Shipping. 1981 computer command control Another first and last year for the Corvette was 1981. The aging C3 platform got new features that included the firstever onboard computer (Delco's Computer Command Control unit) and the The Computer Command Control System, installed on all 1981 cars, is basically a modified version of the C4 system. Its main advantage over its predecessor is that it can monitor and control a larger number of interrelated emission control systems. The Computer Command Control (CCC) system comprises the Electronic Control Module (ECM) and information sensors which monitor various engine functions and returns data to the ECM. The data is processed by the ECM and, if necessary, the ECM issues commands to change the operating parameters of the engine to optimise performance and economy at This is a used Original GM COMPUTER COMMAND CONTROL CARBURETORS SERVICE MANUAL# . 081. It is about 11 x 8 12 inches and many pages of information. Good used condition with just some age wear and stains on the cover.

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