Angry dad destroys computer

2019-09-23 19:14

Angry Parents Destroy Kids Electronics PS4, XBOX ONE, LAPTOPS Shocking Compilation Part 1. By. angry dad and mom destroying young children electronics compilation, xbox a person x vs computer, xbox just one s vs xbox just one, xbox a person assessment, xbox a person set up,Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox (originally titled Dad Destroys Xbox) is the pilot episode of the Psycho Series, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on December 22, 2012. Heading home, an angry and psychotic father burns and destroys his son's Xbox. angry dad destroys computer

Feb 06, 2016  1 like 1 prayer for the laptop Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed: ) (BLOOPERS OUT SOON! ) Instagram: @TannerBraungardt INSANE DAD DESTROYS SON'S LAPTOP! ! YouTube; INSANE 24 HOUR

Grab your power tools and demolish the interiors with 3D view and realistic sounds effects in this Angry Dad House Smasher Game. Be an Angry Dad& smash House Interior with Guns in this Angry Dad House Smasher. This game Angry Dad House Smasher: Destroy Home Interior is based on a story of angry dad who breaks every thing. Be a pyscho dad and break your home. After Breaking all the In a possibly staged video, a dad gets mad at his son and destroys son's car with an Xbox.angry dad destroys computer ASTONISHING footage shows an angry dad forcing his sobbing son to smash his PlayStation 4 with a crowbar before he runs it over with his muscle car. putting the computer into rubbish bags

Angry dad destroys computer free

This video was made like 1 12 years ago and in this video MY DAD DESTROYS MY COMPUTER! ! god i was so mad back then, well please enjoy! Tags: angry mad dad mcjuggernuggets grandpa rip kidbehindthecamera memes freakout crazy smash computer cool youtube poop. Embed: More From: ClassicSnowDustHD Related Videos. 2: 23 [Deleted Video Baby Johny angry dad destroys computer

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