Motorola droid razr hd remove battery

2019-08-18 01:49

DROID RAZR Battery is removable, If you dare. When the new Motorola DROID RAZR was first announced we all quickly learned that the battery was not removable. The back of the device was attached for good, making users unable to remove or swap the battery should they choose. This isnt a huge issue but many werent happy to hear the news.Remove the Motorola RAZR& RAZR MAXX Battery. This is such a tough process because Motorola has actually glued the back of the RAZR to the batter and battery to the device. If you do need to remove the battery start at the top and work your way around the back cover slowly breaking it away. This sill break the glue between the layers of the device until the back plate comes off. motorola droid razr hd remove battery

Introduction. The battery is located between the back of the phone and the motherboard, making it necessary to remove the motherboard to access the battery. This guide involves the removal of various screws and parts so make sure you are in a clean and organized environment to avoid the loss of any components.

Remove the two 3. 3 mm T5 Torx battery terminal screws. Grab the blue battery removal tab and lift the battery out to remove it. There is quite a bit of adhesive securing the battery to the motherboard. motorola droid razr hd remove battery

Motorola droid razr hd remove battery free

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